Obsessed with materialS,
inspired by beauty

The story of Matteo Gennari is close to that of its founder.

The wish to be an artisan and manufacturing excellence, the obsessive attention to detail and the undeniable desire to strive for beauty, make it a unique reality even in the field of Italian production excellence.


There are two key aspects: one is the curiosity and expertise with which we research and select raw materials all around the world, the other is the audacity in the processing through the use of cutting-edge technologies and machinery.

Italian artisan tradition is the starting point; we want to bring it along to the future.

The value of water and energy

We use advanced technologies to shape matter, but the two main tools are still those that nature has been using for billions of years: water and energy.

It is precisely for this reason that we try to take the utmost care of nature: photovoltaic guarantees energy autonomy while an almost total recovery of water, through filtering systems, allows us to bring our impact ever closer to zero.