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Below, a list of the materials that can be used for different processings. For details and availability, kindly write us a message using the contact section.

Silk Quartz

Nickel Silver

Light Moth-eaten Peltrox

Fossil Peltrox

Soft Palladium

Dark Bronze Satin

Scratched Peltrox

Brushed Peltrox

Britanniox Peltrox

Dark Peltrox Effect

Brushed Petrox Effect

Soft Titanium

Dark Bronze Silk

Pearl Bronze

X-glossy Biotite

Satin Bronze

Coated Soft Brass

Coated Soft Dark Brass Effect

Coated Brushed Dark Brass

Coated Brushed Dark Brass Effect

Waxed Stained Copper

Coated Brushed Copper

Coated Soft Copper Effect

Protected Corten

Satin Verdigris

Satin Emerald

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