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Special Finishes

Below, a list of the materials that can be used for different processings. For details and availability, kindly write us a message using the contact section.


Ivory Patina Finish

RAL 9010 Patina Finish

Glossy Natural Parchment

Patinated Gold Linen

Bronzed Liquid Metal

Bush Hammered Liquid Metal

Light Linen Effect

Large Craquele

Crossed Stripes Stucco

Oxydized Titanium

Platinum Liquid Metal

Ahaded Glossy Striped Black Nickel Stucco

Patinated Metal Lacquer

Small Craquele

Patinated Bronze

Bronze-Brown Ray Fish

Green-Grey Ray Fish

Vegetal Tahiti Pearl Straw

Brown Parchment

Matt Turtle Finish

Anthracite Parchment

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